My gear is my trusty and fully loaded K3 with the Tokyo High Power amp, the 550fx with the LDG at-1000 tuner and bringing up my THP 1.2 for dx peditions to other towns.

I also use an Icom PRO 3 with an inrad roofing filter and rig blaster sound card for digital modes. I will have my ic-751a, ic-781, ts-60, Kenwood twins (R-599D, T-599D, mc-50, LDG tuner, keyer), set up in the shack soon as a tribute to my Elmers who passed away. I also have a really nice r-2000 for short wave listening, which is a passion for me. Back up rigs are ft-450d and Kenwood ts-480sat.

I recently acquired a KX3, KXPA, PX3 and will use qrp and qro with Begali Expedition paddle and straight keys. The KX3 is my little K3...and the rcvr is so amazing.

For cw, I have several Begali paddles and Piero made me some neat straight keys. And my j-38 and vibroplex paddles as they are fun to use and quite beautiful pieces. My dear friend, Stan, wa2bah (RIP) liked the Vibroplex paddle, so I will use one to remember him every time I use it.

My fav is the Begali Stradivarius with vy0BRR engraved on it!

I still like to send cw qrs on 40m to work the newbies and older fellows enjoying straight keys or skcc members.

Listen around 7.115 or so in the evenings and we can make QSOs. I look out for people calling CQ or I may call CQ myself...My 40m antenna is up quite high above the town and looking straight onto the sparkling salt water of the Hudson Bay.